Maistrali Beach Hotel

gerakini chalkidikis 631 00 chalkidiki gr, Gerakini, Halkidiki, Greece
In beautiful Chalkidiki,with its endless beaches,where the pine trees meet the sea,lie the facilities of the Maistrali Beach in Gerakini,the very center of Chalkidiki,it is only 70 km away from Thessaloniki and with easy acces to its makes it an ideal starting point for excursion acros all three peninsulae of in lush vegetation,it make an excellent choise for a family conditioned studios,eachwith a fully equipped kitchen,,WF and balcony with sea view,await you,just 5 m away from the the Hotel's cafe-bar you can enjoy your breakfastin the morning,or a drink in the after noon,also enjoying the relaxin can use our barbecue equiment to organisewith your party memorable events
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